4001V63/C64 Treble Bezels

These bezels are not available as Cove or Deluxe versions due to the limited space available with the larger horseshoe pickup.

Installation of the bezel itself is identical to the 4001 and 4003 series bezels except for the additional instructions stated below regarding the horseshoe pickup assembly.

The 4001V63/C64 bezels are sold as a kit with a pair of ABS washers included to be installed in place of the horseshoe. Between the pickup magnet and pickup base. This allows the full range of factory pickup height adjustment. 

The 4001V63C64 Treble Bezels are CNC machined out of high strength black ABS plastic. They are top coated with a soft touch clear urethane. This clear top coat resist scratches, stains and fingerprints.                                                                                                                             All 4001V63C64 Treble Bezels are hand finished, dated and numbered. Made in the U.S.A.

4001V63/C64 Treble Bezel Top View

4001V63/C64  Treble Bezel Bottom View

Installed on a 4001-V63

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