"Holy cow!  That is all I can say.  How a simple little piece of plastic can prove it's $40 sticker price is amazing!  The trebel bezel I ordered from you for my Ric 4003 has made a beautiful and special instrument even more playable and fun.  Brilliant idea makes for a brilliant product.  I have told all my 4001/4003 owner friends about it on

Pete U.S.A."

The bezel showed up today and I've installed it on my brand new Ric 4003.
It fits perfectly and the thumbrest is exactly where I would put it myself.  It makes me enjoy this bass even more.
Thanks for the fast shipping and especially the excellent product!  It came highly recommended at and, and lives up to everything I heard and more.

Thanks Again!
Dave, KY U.S.A."

"Hi Frank  
Just wanted to let you know the treble bezel showed up at my place on Friday - I installed it Friday night amazingly easy to do and so happy with the end result.  thank you so much for all of your assistance, great customer service and for developing a product that really makes a difference  
 Grant, Canada"

"Bezel arrived today, perfect fit, excellent piece of kit.


"I bought your cover bezel a few months back and finally had it looks great!  and i appreciate my 4003 so much more having removed the cover.Thanks!


"Just a note to say how pleased I am with the bezel.  It looks good and covers the gap around the pickup quite nicely.  I needed to drop my bridge pickup a lot lower, but making that adjustment caused the big cover to contact the strings because it was lowering at the same time.

With the cover off and the bezel in place I'm much happier.

Well done guys.  A good invention.


"Just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I love the 4003 bezel deluxe! It installed very easily, fit great, and makes it much easier to play my Ric with the thumbrest. Great job!


"Hi Frank... Just wanted to say thanks for a great product. The bezel looks fantastic on my son's Ric... know it's the 4003-type bezel inside a "flat" surround (RIC has kept the flat surround on black trim 4003's into 1986), but it still looks very elegant.

"Hi Frank, I just thought I'd let you know that I am well impressed with the bezel.
The fit is excellent and, although I am tending to play with my thumb resting closer to the pick-up than actually in the cove, it does stop me worrying about damaging the coil with my thumb.  It looks the part too - top stuff.  If I had another Rick then I'd buy another one!
Happy New Year.
Cheers,Eric. Australia"

"Frank.  I received the cove today and installed it looks great and love the feel.  Thanks for shipping so fast.  Patrick"