The Original Treble Bezels™

For Rickenbacker 4001 and 4003 series players who prefer to play with the treble pickup cover off.

Treat yourself and your RIC to the best, The Original Treble Bezel™ offering from TubeAmpology™, Since 2010.  The Treble Bezels come in 7 unique versions giving you the best ergonomics and cleanest look available.

Chrome Plated in, Standard, Cove or Deluxe.
Injection Molded ABS Plastic, plated in copper, nickle and real chrome, creates a stiff exoskeleton with a brilliant and durable finish.

Black texture in, Standard, Cove or Deluxe....Limited Supply in stock, contact us to order...
Injection Molded 30% glass filled nylon is super stiff, with molded in color, will not fade or scratch off.

4001V63/C64 in Standard only.

Installation of the Treble Bezel maintains the factory pickup height adjustment feature. No modifications to the bass are required.


         All  Treble Bezels are 100% inspected, numbered and dated.
                   Made in the U.S.A with a lifetime warranty.

4001-4003 Treble Bezel™
Deluxe Version.

4001-4003 Treble Bezel™
Cove version.

4001-4003 Treble Bezel™
Standard version.


4001-4003 Treble Bezel™
Deluxe Version.

4001-4003 Treble Bezel™

4001-4003 Treble Bezel™ Standard  Version.

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